Purchase a curated portfolio of high integrity Nature Positive Carbon Credits
Our automated impact verification technology identifies, validates and monitors high integrity nature positive carbon credit solutions.

Let us help you achieve your climate goals and offset hard-to-abate emissions. Purchase high quality, nature positive carbon credits without the risk.

Our technology
to validate integrity

We use remote sensing such as satellite imagery combined with machine learning to identify projects with high integrity and impact potential.
We select the best and most reliable projects to create a high-value portfolio of reliable and high-impact nature positive projects.

Our portfolio

Increased impact
Every project in the Katalyst portfolio is vetted for it’s carbon sequestration and co-benefit impact. Positive co-benefits are assessed against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and may include indigenous engagement (SDG 17), green employment  opportunities (SDG 8) and biodiversity improvement (SDG 15).
A portfolio approach allows customers to more easily meet their Net Zero & ESG targets.
Reduced risk
We use the Katalyst.earth Impact Verification technology to analyse and monitor each project for associated risks. Project risks typically focus on additionality, permanence and leakage. But there are other geographical or jurisdictional risks to be weighed.
By pre-assessing these risks and providing near real time monitoring across a portfolio we help customers not only maximise impact but also minimise risk.
A well-structured, diversified portfolio of  projects helps customers to offset emissions, maximise co-benefit impact whilst avoiding the unnecessary risk of a concentrated allocation of carbon credits.
We have made it as simple as possible to achieve your ESG goals with high-integrity carbon projects.

Portfolio projects

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